Gyron -The Big Picture

This is the complete understanding of our part in the universe and that we are here for a purpose. It is not related to religion, pride, arrogance, or ego, simply a deep understanding and acceptance that we are all an integral part of this planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe.

The part that we play in this “Big Picture” should not be scoffed at, minimised, or dismissedEverything and everyone in this universe contribute to the whole, and the whole contributes to our wellbeing. Accepting that you are part of this gains us access to higher trains of thought and a raising of your oscillation frequency. This elevation of your fundamental oscillating frequency also assists our bodies in being able to repulse viruses, germs, and toxins from gaining a foothold in our bodies. As our awareness increases then also so does our natural resonant frequency, along with our capability to understand, higher orders of thought and understanding which also become available to you. There is nothing to fear from this, it is an opening to the universe and a deeper, all-encompassing belief that we can contribute to the bigger picture. We become enriched by this connection and our understanding blossoms making us more and more capable to assist others on their paths, relieving them of pain and discomfort and hopefully enriching their lives too.

Be humble and accept the gifts that are available to you, the universe wants to enable people to be happy. As Hatsumi San says...” If you do nothing else, raise the spirit”.