What is a Balance

A balance is what an Anma practitioner refers to as a treatment because we look to balance the body as a whole.

It would be ideal if you could wear gym or yoga type loose clothing, as the balance is done fully clothed. On your first visit we will talk through your issues, hopes and expectations, so you will have the opportunity to express how you feel. Further information about your body is gathered during the balance and a combination of observation, muscle testing and palpation will be applied, and this will be explained as part of the brief.

I will explain the process and the corrections as they are completed throughout the balance, please feel free to ask any questions as I find this helps you to understand why your body is causing an issue. This can also help you to avoid those processes that brought you to this point. Usually, the corrections will be applied over several visits and suggestions may be offered to help in the correction process as this will enable you to assist your body in recovery and return to wellbeing.

It is not unusual to feel the effects of the balance immediately, and in most cases, you may also feel the changes happening throughout your body over the next few days, some people may feel tired while others may feel an increase in energy, your body is simply adjusting to the changes that have occurred.

Drinking plenty of water following the treatment is always advised as this helps to keep the body hydrated and flushes out any toxins that have been released during the treatment.

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