Ethos & Principles

The underlying ethos is that no harm must be done, that is physically, emotionally, or energetically. This can be embodied in the Godai which means there are three things responsible for a person’s wellbeing, the mind, the body, and the Spirit (Shen) this can also be expressed as Ten-Shi-in or (Heaven-Earth- Man).

These three things collectively govern the overall health of an individual, when any one of these is not in balance then the other two in the Godai will be affected accordingly and the client will not be “centered”.

For instance, if someone is stressed over something then the mind will release a chemical into the body that will affect the chemical balance and further exacerbate the working of the body. Stress will initiate the fight or flight reflex which is hard wired into our basal brain and this will override normal cognitive thinking and logical reasoning, this will manifest itself by loss of appetite, headaches, disturbed sleep, suppression of the frontal cortex of the brain inhibiting the ability to carry out rational decisions, clenching of the jaw, upset of the intestinal system, causing infrequent or stopping body motions expelling matter, and redirection of the blood supply toward the core of the body and away from extremities. This affects the client’s spirit which then causes more worry to the person and so a downward spiral is activated.