Is attributed to esoteric Japanese Buddhism in relation to the Godai and gorin are of ninjutsu, where these principles became an essential aspect of the specific ninja teachings (the ninpo-mikkyo). The Japanese philosophy of Go-dai relates to the 5 universal elements of which Anma is based on. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Void this is Go-dai. In essence, the principle is that none of these systems work in isolation, they are all interconnected.

地 – Earth - CHI - The earth, ground. Resistance to movements. Stability.

水 - Water - SUI - Fluid, Liquid. Flexibility. Adaptability.

火 - Fire - KA - Power, Passion, Motivation. 

風 - Wind - FUU - Growth, Expansion, Freedom. 

空 - Void - KUU- Also means Sky. Unlimited space, Spirituality, Creativity

One of the most interesting elements is 空 - Void, Sky. It is the highest of the five and is empty space, stillness, silence, that which contains everything and nothing. It is the door to connect to our unlimited power, which you could call the higher self (Universe). We connect to this essence of power in our everyday lives, when our mind is still and silent, through meditations, and breathing practices.